Ranking Criteria

Ranking Criteria of UKCasino Rankings

"Buyer Beware"and online casino gambling is no different. On the Internet, there are some very good gambling sites and some very bad gambling sites. Why take a chance and end up on the wrong site?

At UKCasino Rankings it is our mission to recommend only the best UK casinos for winning and for your enjoyment.

That is why we evaluate online UK casinos for numerous criteria, recommending only the Top 10 UK casino sites and Top 5 UK Flash casinos and UK poker rooms. When you consider the fact that there are literally hundreds of gambling sites on the Internet, these Top 10 UK casinos and Top 5 UK Flash casinos and UK poker rooms are indeed very special. It is our opinion that anyone wishing to gamble online, only gamble on these websites.



The UKCasino Ranking System

Our proprietary ranking system is based upon a complex matrix system whereby points are assigned to different criteria and the criterion is assigned different weightings based upon their relative importance. As a result, our system will identify the best overall gambling sites on the Internet.

Some of the criteria we evaluate in The UKCasino Ranking System follows:

  • Is the site government licensed? Can they prove it?
  • Is the deposit and payment system secure?
  • Are the games audited? If so, by whom?
  • What is the casinos "fairness of play" policy?
  • Are their policies reasonable?
  • What are the payout percentages?
  • What is the speed of payment?
  • Is the site a member of the Interactive Gaming Council?
  • What gambling software is utilized?
  • What kind of customer service do they offer?
  • Is tech support offered over the telephone?
  • Are operators of the site reachable?
  • Does the site have an acceptable privacy policy?
  • What is the over quality of the site?
  • Are the games realistic?
  • What do other players have to say about the site?

This is only a sampling of the comprehensive criterion used in the UK Casino Ranking System.

We are confident the top ranked casinos and poker rooms we recommend will exceed your expectations in all areas.